Hello, my name is

Osaze Hezekiah

I'm a full-stack developer specialised in frontend and backend development for complex scalable web apps and websites. I write about web development on my blog and regularly speak at various web conferences and meetups. Want to know how I may help your project? Contact Us.
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Skills Overview

I have more than 5 years' experience building rich web applications for clients all over the world. Below is a quick overview of my main technical skill sets and tools I use. Want to find out more about my experience? Chat With Experts Right Now!.


  • React/Redux/Angular
  • Javascript
  • Node.js
  • Webpack/Gulp/Grunt


  • Python/Django
  • Ruby/Rails
  • PHP
  • PostgresSQL/MySQL
  • MongoDB


  • DevOps
  • Unit Testing
  • UX/Wireframing
  • Sketch/Balsamiq
  • Wordpress/Shopify

Great clients I've worked with

I really appreciate osazemedia, OWS.codes for how you guys helped me. Honestly you guys are the best. The services you guys gave me has been the one, and only I’ve seen so far. I’ve not been able to get it anywhere but with OWS.codes. I really appreciate you guys and making it easier for me to continue my website without stress...

God bless Osaze media, OWS.codes more you are the best developer I have ever seen. More solutions to world great problems through programming boss 🔥🔥

Osazemedia, OWS code is very simple and user-friendly, thank You.

Brtshadow Founder, Brtshadow.com Website

Osaze Media has been an integral part of our progress since we discovered their services in 2019. With the help of their auto products, updating our various websites has become a somewhat easy task. The OWS CDN is one of our favorite service which we have benefited immensely from.

Interested in hiring me for your project?

Looking for an experienced full-stack developer to build your web app or ship your software product? To start an initial chat, just drop me an email at [email protected] or use the form on the contact page.